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  • Bartłomiej Dmitruk

Safebox24 has taken over a traditional vault facility with safe deposit boxes in Szczecin

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

Safebox24 is consistently consolidating the vault and safe deposit box market in Poland. In selected cities, we are taking over existing vault facilities or building new vault facilities with deposit boxes on offer. An example of the takeover of an existing deposit and safe deposit facility is our new location at 43A Śląska Street in Szczecin. In the city centre, in a beautiful building, there is a new Safebox24 location. Two high-security vaults together with office space were taken over from the bank, refurbished and equipped with modern technology.

The vaults' high security class provides above-average physical security, further complemented by a Lloyd's Insurance policy for each safe deposit box at selected limits, without showing the contents.

The first vault offers safe deposit boxes in a range of sizes, allowing for the deposit of A4 documents, cash, precious metals and other valuables.

The second vault offers the possibility of depositing large-size items such as paintings, works of art or company documents.

The offer of safe deposit boxes with insurance and precious metals of Mennica.Online are now available to our customers.

About us

Safebox24 is an independent deposit and vault operator. In 2019, Safebox24 was the first operator in Warsaw to build a modern, secure, certified vault with 24/7 access from scratch. In 2020, Safebox24 built another facility in the centre of Kraków - the most modern automated vault and deposit facility in Poland with 24/7 access. In 2022, Safebox24 took over the oldest private vault facility in Lublin and started building a modern automated vault in Łódź. Ultimately, Safebox24 plans to open more than a dozen vault and depository facilities in Poland.

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