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The first independent, modern, certified vault in Poland

Safe deposit boxes 24/7

Koszykowa 49 A, Warsaw, Poland


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Outstanding security

A unique insurance policy

Unlimited 24/7 access

Biometric Authorization

Full confidentiality

and discretion

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Security & certifications

Safebox24 vault has been designed in a carefully selected location to ensure clients safety and discretion. It is a facility that meets the stringent requirements of physical security, cybersecurity, 24/7 protected, monitored and supervised. We record every activity in the vault, every locker and on the premises. 


Safebox24 is a modern 24-hour service, available 7 days a week. Our deposit boxes are always available to our clients. The Safebox24 vault facility in Warsaw provides the highest comfort, security, confidentiality and discretion as well as a parking space. We offer our services at the highest level, transparent rules and at an affordable price.


Customers opinions

For 30 years I had a safe deposit box in a bank in Łódź. The bank vault was closed along with the banking branch and I had to find a safe in Warsaw. I found Safebox24 and rented a safe deposit box with them. Fast, professional and reasonably priced. I recommend, Krystyna. 

Krystyna  from Łódź, age 83

I was looking for a professional vault in Warsaw. For many years I had a safe-deposit box in London. I came to work in Warsaw and it turned out that there was no professional vault here. Until I found Safebox24. I was one of their first clients. The vault and deposit boxes are world-class and 24/7 access is an excellent service even for me. I am very pleased and I recommend them, Fatima

Fatima from India, living in Warsaw

We were looking for a place to securely store backup copies. We want to make sure that only designated people in the company have access to copies. Safebox24 gives such an opportunity. Access based on biometrics uniquely identifies authorized persons and if necessary we can request a report on all activities related to our safe deposit box. I definitely recommend it!

Security Director, a company from Warsaw


Phone + 48 22 122 52 35

Mobile + 48 539 306 116

Koszykowa 49 A Street


00-659 Warsaw


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