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  • Bartłomiej Dmitruk

Biometric key - Your key to the vault

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

Biometrics around us

Biometrics was very quickly accepted by us in everyday life and more and more places or devices are based on biometric identification. The best example are smartphones in which the use of "Face ID" or "Touch ID" finger makes it easier for us to access the phone, payment card, bank or other applications every day.

Similar solutions are starting to function around us both in public administration (e.g. ID card with biometrics, passport with biometrics) and in everyday life (e.g. biometric identification of employees).

Biometric data is subject to special protection

Biometric data is unique for every human being and is, according to the GDPR, data subject to special protection. Each entity collecting biometric data must have the consent of the person concerned for their collection and clearly declares what the data will be used for.

It should be noted that biometrics is properly encrypted and practically impossible to forge or steal. It is worth emphasizing that the developed systems and devices for biometric identification are used in the most guarded facilities in the world and are subject to special rigors and certification. Examples include facilities such as government buildings and airports, where security is an absolute priority.

Biometrics in Safebox24

The Safebox24 treasury is equipped with advanced, certified biometrics of the hand (Touch ID) and face (Face ID), on the basis of which our clients enter the facility, identify themselves in the security lock and then open the deposit box.

The Virdi technology chosen by Safebox24 is also certified by the FBI and used in the most demanding facilities in the world in terms of security. Biometric data, like other data in our vault, is encrypted and cybersecure. Each client biometric key is unique and cannot be forged or stolen.

Reliability, independence and 24/7 access

Advanced biometric systems are reliable and can handle millions of users and events. Practice shows that our biometrics in Safebox24 work perfectly well and customers are very satisfied with its everyday use.

The great advantage of this solution is independence in the form of the lack of cards or physical keys to the vault, which eliminates the risk of losing or theft of these items, and thus prevents unauthorized access to the safe. In Safebox24, the customer comes with himself and identifies himself with his hands and face. Thanks to the use of biometrics and the automation of the vault, our clients have access to the vault and the vault 24 hours, 365 days a year.


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