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Safebox24 vault deposit boxes insured by Lloyd's Insurance Company S.A.

Zaktualizowano: 13 mar

We are pleased to inform you that in March 2022, we signed an insurance policy giving us the opportunity to insure the contents of Safebox24 vault boxes by Lloyd's Insurance Company S.A..

Lloyd's Group - the market leader in insurance and reinsurance

Lloyd's is the world's leading provider of insurance and reinsurance, specialising, among other things, in reputable treasuries that guarantee a high level of security.

Lloyd's Insurance Company SA is a Belgian subsidiary of the Society of Lloyd's and is authorised to conduct insurance and reinsurance business in the European Economic Area (EEA). Lloyd's Insurance Company SA is authorised and regulated by the National Bank of Belgium and capitalised under Solvency II rules.

Lloyd's Europe benefits from the financial strength of the Lloyd's Group and has financial ratings at a very high level - AM Best (A "excellent"), Standard & Poor's (A+ "strong") and Fitch (AA- "very strong").

Individual safe deposit box insurance Safebox24

The Lloyd's policy gives Safebox24 clients the opportunity to individually insure their safe deposit box up to a limit of PLN 2 million, without disclosing the contents of the safe deposit box. This policy design maintains the complete confidentiality of the client's deposit and its anonymity to the insurer. It also provides the flexibility to choose an insurance limit tailored to each client's expectations.

The Lloyd's policy is an "all risks" policy and insures the contents of the safe deposit box against all risks. The few exclusions include, for example: the risk of war, which is not covered by any insurer in Europe.

The Lloyd's policy currently covers Safebox24 vaults in Warsaw, Krakow and Lublin. The vaults have undergone a rigorous security audit and have been positively assessed by the insurer. The policy will be extended to further vault facilities under development by Safebox24 in Poland.

About us

Safebox24 is the first nationwide, independent depository and vault operator. In 2019, Safebox24, built from scratch a modern, secure, certified vault in Warsaw, with 24/7 access to safe deposit boxes. In 2020, Safebox24 built another facility in the centre of Kraków - the most modern, automated vault and deposit facility in Poland, also with 24/7 access to safe deposit boxes. In 2022, Safebox24 took over the oldest private vault in Poland - a vault and deposit facility in Lublin. Ultimately, Safebox24 plans to open more than a dozen vault and deposit facilities in Poland and abroad.

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