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  • Bartłomiej Dmitruk

Backups in a safe deposit box Safebox24

As part of their security policy, companies create and store copies of data security in the event of their loss and possible recovery. Such copies are often stored on the company's premises, a backup center or in a data archive. To make sure that the backups are properly stored and that only authorized persons have access to them, it is worth keeping them in a place with an appropriate level of security. Skarbiec Safebox24 gives the possibility of giving a biometric key to the safe deposit box, which clearly identifies the owner or proxy authorized to open the box. We monitor each vault activity and every cache and we are able to report the activity for a given cache in the form of a periodic report for the company. People responsible for the company's security can be sure that the backup copy will not fall into the wrong hands and will be secured in an appropriate manner. Each safe deposit box can be insured up to 250,000. PLN without disclosing the content from all risks. A huge advantage of Safebox24 is constant access to a safe deposit box and a security copy. In crisis situations, access to backup copies provided in this way is a key aspect of the Business Continuity Plan. More information on backing up and storing is presented in the attached slide.

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